Likhitam is a social media marketing organization started by Swapnil Shah in 2019. The sole purpose of our organization is to create a polished professional in digital marketing as it is in the field of career prosperity. We believe in finding the core of digital marketing and providing you with the best training and development strategies for individuals, marketing experts, organizations, etc. Helps.

 We strive to provide quality education in the field of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the fastest growing and fastest-growing industry in India and around the world. To participate in different trends and make the most of this changing landscape, we have come up with our compelling writing style so that different businesses can benefit from it. 

​We work fast to deliver quality, strategic thinking, and efficiency in your budget management.

We are completely immersed in our client’s business and industry, achieving the same vision to achieve goals together. Also, we have used the best practices we have learned from our experience in the flourishing of various industries. With a team of experienced writers, editors, and content experts, we value your investment and your business. We’re committed to doing the best we can for the business.